C.S. Lewis: The Man Who Gave Us Narnia



Product Description

And then each night Jack had a dream.
It always was the same
a dream of a large lion with
a big and bushy mane.
Jack named the lion Aslan and
he knew it would be part
of one great story he’d thought up
and could not wait to start.

The lively imagination of Young C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)or Jack, as he liked to be calledtook flight as he spent long hours reading books of magical lands and dreaming up new ones. Those vivid images never left Jack, even when he was faced with the early loss of his mother, the difficulty of boarding school, and the challenges of wartime service.

As a writer, a teacher, and a communicator of powerful Christian truths, the man who gave us Narnia continues to encourage readers around the world.
Pages: 32 (hardcover)
Ages: 5-10