Nick Vujicic: No Limits


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“It’s hard to imagine how reading a children’s book about a severely disabled boy who was bullied throughout his childhood could be an uplifting experience–but this book is. Renee Meloche has done a masterful job of telling the truth about Nick’s life–the agony of being different and the joy of finding his place in the world. I heartily recommend this book, and I know that it will provoke readers of all ages to be more compassionate and accepting of those who are not like themselves. ”
–Janet Benge, Author

Nick’s differences don’t hold him back
from having lots of fun.
He surfs big waves, goes snorkeling,
rides horses and plays drums.

Though some things are much easier
for those with feet and hands,
there’s nothing that will stop Nick from
the full life God has planned.

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic (1982-) overcame tremendous physical and emotional challenges as he grew up. Rather than shrink back from trouble or give up in times of trial, this bold Australian pursued a life filled with exploration of what he could do. Now a world-renowned speaker and author, he encourages others to see themselves as precious to God and to live without limits. Nick’s example of Christian character is an inspiration to everyone who feels weighed down by the challenges of disabilities, mistreatment, feelings of inferiority, and more.

Heroes for Young Readers introduces younger children to the lives of Christian heroes! Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children love the captivating rhyming poems and unforgettable color illustrations of the Heroes for Young Readers series.

Also available in Spanish.  Click Here.

“Beautifully illustrated and skillfully written, the chronicles of Nick’s adventures exemplify how one man’s faith, resilience and creativity conquered adversity, leading to triumph and success. This book leaves a lasting impression – a must-read for children and adults alike.”
–Elizabeth Ouellette, CMTA Board of Directors, Los Altos, CA