“Here is a set of biographies unlike any I’ve ever seen. First of all, they are specifically written for young ages (elementary grades). They are written as a poem, in story form, and are short and easy to understand.

We read Hudson Taylor, about 30 pages long. Four of my kids, ages 3 thru 10, were interested and engaged for the entire reading. This made for a fantastic history lesson, and was a great discussion starter about different countries, following dreams and persevering even when things go wrong, and loving others even when they are cruel. This series is a great introductory on important figures in history. . . . This is officially my favorite set of Christian biographies for young children.”

—Product Review by:  Jenfer Igarashi,  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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“Beautifully illustrated and skillfully written, the chronicles of Nick’s adventures exemplify how one man’s faith, resilience and creativity conquered adversity, leading to triumph and success. This book leaves a lasting impression – a must-read for children and adults alike.”

—Elizabeth Ouellette, CMTA Board of Directors, Los Altos, CA

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“The books are great!!  Our students (and librarians) love them!”

—Jason Erb, Principal, Southfield Christian School, Southfield, Michigan

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Kids at library“As a librarian for 15 years, I knew I could always count on the biographies written by Renee Meloche to capture the interest of not only the avid readers, but the reluctant readers!  Many of the students went directly to the biography section to check out a new book from her series every week.  My students were hooked!

I highly recommend anything written by Renee Meloche.  Her writing style is easy to read and understand, hard-to-put-down, and leaves you wanting more.  Her books are a Librarian’s dream!”

—Joni Sobels, Former Librarian, Monterey Bay Christian School, Seaside, California

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“For the past many years we have searched for true, accurate biographies that would be age and grade appropriate for young readers.  Renee’s books are beautifully illustrated and written in an appealing manner which both holds the reader’s interest and makes them want to read more.

I personally have fallen in love with this series and have read most of them myself.  I found that there was information which I did not know and could hardly wait to read the next book.   They have also proved wonderful to read to the class.  This exposes the students to great role models and missionaries they have never heard about.  My teachers tell me they can hardly keep them on the shelves.”

—Dora Marques, Principal, Victory Christian School, Carmichael, California

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“I love the books and CDs!  The author’s voice is so soothing and easy to listen to and the songs are delightful.  The stories are about real heroes in the faith and are faith builders that encourage children to do what’s right.”

—Brenda Smart, Homeschool Mom, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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“As soon as the books arrived, my kids were eager to open this book up, so I sat down on the couch and read it to them. They sat and listened to the whole book on Gladys Aylward.  I cried at the end.

Afterwards, I opened up the activity guide and we did the character activity for the book. We started by laying down on the ground. I read the script and we acted it out as I read. My children loved it. I looked through the Activity Guide and I was surprised and pleased . . . I highly recommend getting the activity guide to go with this book. It brings it even more to life.”2 kids smiling Gladys Aylward Daniel Boone books

—User Review,  Christianbook.com


“This biography about Ms. Gladys Aylward is unusual in the respect that it is a rhyming bio. Never before have I read a biography that rhymed, but in this case it really made the story flow.”

—User Review, Goodreads

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“We absolutely love Renee’s books and use them for our family devotions and in my Bible School classes.  I have been showing them around to my friends, but very jealously guarding them!  The books are fabulous and the stories are enthralling!”

—Margaret Tooley, Missionary

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“Loren Cunningham–Making God Known” is a great book to teach children about a living missionary/visionary. Cunningham listened to the call of God and founded YWAM, Youth With a Mission. . . This book is a great read for children to inspire them to listen for God’s call on their life and to follow their passion.”

—El Roy Pankow

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Lewis painting“Renee is a gifted storyteller. She left the students with wonderful memories and great books to read.”

—Rick Vidmar, Neighborhood Christian School,
Dixon, California   

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“I love the way the book rhymes and inspires children and adults to think about what God would want them to do with their lives.”

          —Victoria Gold

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Renee and little girl talking w books“I bought these books at a homeschool convention and was blown away by the beauty of the prose. Can you even imagine hearing the story of Corrie Ten Boom as poetry? While listening in the car to stories read aloud on CD I am drawn into the remarkable lives of these Christian heros and challenged to be more courageous on my own life. In a world where the most brazen and self centered people are in the limelight, it is so needed to introduce your children to heros like Amy Carmichael who gave everything to follow Christ and share His love with others. The words are beautiful and eloquent but clearly understood by my children. I can’t wait order more of her books!”

—Nurturing Mom

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“I marvel at how much Renee Meloche tells in a short book for young readers.  These are excellent books to read to grandchildren—ones that also delight the adult reader!  The CD’s are charming, moving, and of eternal value.  The voices are beautiful and clear with such expression, and the singing nearly brought my musically sensitive and intellectual husband to tears.  What a gift to cherish.”

—Linda Cowie, Missionary, South Pacific

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girl reading Renee Meloche Heroes for Young Readers book“Our five children, ages 7 to 14, have thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Heroes for Young Readers books. They read them over and over and eagerly await each new installment.  The CD is perfect for trips in the car—everyone can listen while the younger ones share the book to follow along.  Even the music is great.  I recently heard the “Hero Song” repeatedly playing in our daughters’ room.  I thought something was wrong with the CD or the player.  Instead, I found our seven-year-old playing the music over and over again as she sang along.  It’s a catchy and inspiring little tune.’

—Steve Braun, Financial Consultant, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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“I love the books and how the Christian character traits were revealed through lives of Christians living faithfully and obediently.  Our students loved Renee Meloche reading to them.  You could hear a pin drop!’

—Ginger South, Vice Principal, El Sobrante Christian School,  El Sobrante, CA

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“Renee Meloche has written her books in verse, a delightful way to draw children to read about the heroes of the faith. The illustrations by Bryan Pollard add the color and visual element.  The books are being used at a Christian School in the Cook Islands, which I believe will inspire those children deeply to become the next wave of Cook Island missionaries.”

Fay Williams, Missionary

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“It’s hard to imagine how reading a children’s book about a severely disabled boy who was bullied throughout his childhood could be an uplifting experience–but this book is. Renee Meloche has done a masterful job of telling the truth about Nick’s life–the agony of being different and the joy of finding his place in the world. I heartily recommend this book, and I know that it will provoke readers of all ages to be more compassionate and accepting of those who are not like themselves. ”

Janet Benge, Author

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“I read the book ‘Nick Vijicic’ to my class. They loved it! I had to fight back a few tears as I read since the look on some of their faces as I read about him being bullied was quite touching.”

Joy Penner,  Elementary School Teacher, Island Christian Academy, Hong Kong

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“‘Nick Vujicic, No Limits’ is a powerful book celebrating a wonderful man! This book takes readers through a profound story of perseverance, strength, and ultimately hope. This book reminds us all that kindness is always the answer.”

Sarah Kesty, Special Education Teacher, Twin Rivers Unfied School District, Carmichael, California


Renee bulliten board2

“This book is a biography about Mary Slessor. She helped the babies, women, lots of other people and families in Africa. She was from Scotland, and went to Africa to cure the people. She showed great courage. Read the book to find more about Mary Slessor. My favourite part is when she saved the babies because they were about to be killed. I liked the book because she is very nice especially when she helped the Chief. When I read this book I was thinking of the Africans because she was helping the Africans. I would recommend this book to everyone in Grade 2-4. If you like biographies, then you will like this book. “

Rhys about HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Mary Slessor: Courage in Africa


“This is a biography, a picture and non-fiction book. The book is about a boy named Nick Vujicic who had no arms or legs, but one small leg. He went to a school where there was a bully. The boy bullied Nick each day. Then he went to a different school and there was another bully. He grew up with his family in Australia.I like the last page because he is not alone. He has a son, and he is happy. I like the picture on page twelve because it helped me by showing his facial expression. Get the book to find out more about him. If you like happy endings I think you would like the book. I think this is for year two to year four.”

Megan about HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Nick Vujicic: No Limits


“This book is about an American lady called Lottie Moon. She helped lots of people in China who didn’t know God. She taught them about God, and soon one Chinese man believed what Lottie said. You will need to find out more by reading this book. I like page 11 because an old man believed God and Lottie gave him a copy of the New Testament. There were illustrations and the illustrations showed me what Lottie Moon looked like, and there were animals and Chinese land marks. I found this book scary because the Christian man was almost stoned to death. If you like biography books and you are grade 3-5, then you will want to read this book.”

Esther about HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Lottie Moon: A Generous Offering


“Jonathan grew up on a farm in Canada. When he went to college his classmates bullied him. Then when he finished school he went to China to teach about God’s son. If you read it, then you will find out how many Chinese people learned about the maker and king of the universe, which is God and his son Jesus who took away our sins. My favorite part of the book was when he went to China to teach about God, because first there wasn’t anyone coming to him, but then everyone came to him. The illustrations also helped to show what’s going on. I liked it because it was about a boy that grew up on a farm, and then moved to Paris. I also liked it because it was like I was looking though his eyes. I would suggest this book for year two and up because it isn’t fun for little children because it might be too hard for them. People that like famous people, and like learning about people’s lives might like this book.”

—A student about HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Jonathan Goforth: Never Give Up


“This is a biography about a woman who cared for the poor children in India who worked as slaves, and treated them just like her own. This girl’s name was Amy Carmichael. Amy travelled a lot. She sailed from her home country Ireland to England, but she did not stop there. Japan was next, then Ceylon, then on to her final destination India. If you like caring just like how Amy cared for everyone, then you should read this book. This book has great information. Even if you don’t know how to read, then all you have to do is look at the amazing pictures and that’s one of the best things of this book. I think that the page when Amy helps the sick child was very caring and the page with the two shawlies staring at each other would make you laugh. If you don’t know what shawlies are, you have to read the book to find out. I recommend this book for any age, because it’s funny, and also a little touching and emotional. Get the book to find out more!”

Tahlia HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children


“Adoniram Judson was a boy that was from U.S.A (Massachusetts). He grew up and sailed to the Burmese, and told the people there about God and all the miracles that he did. Adoniram Judson also translated the New-Testament into the Burmese language, so that the Burmese people could read it. If you want to know more about Adoniram Judson read the book! I love the part when he changes the Burmese people to believe in God. I like that part because I want people to believe in God and go to heaven. The illustrations help me see how Adoniram Judson looked. I liked this book because it told me that you could also tell other people about God and tell them about the miracles that God did. If you like biography books and good illustrations this would be a fantastic book for you! I recommend this book for grade 3 to 5.”

Grace HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS Adoniram Judson: A Grand Purpose


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Comments from Students:

“Mrs. Meloche inspired me so much that I want to be an author when I grow up.”

“My little buddy never even moved while she was talking because he liked her story so much and he is usually really hard to handle!”

“I loved Mrs. Meloche telling me about heroes.  It was so much fun.  I hope she can come back soon.”

“It was so nice having a great author come to our school, especially one like Mrs. Meloche.  She was so organized and I loved the way she wrote her books.”

“I loved the book that she read.  Everybody loved it and the fun exercise she did.  It was the best chapel day and I hope she comes again.”

“Mrs. Meloche’s books are fabulous.  She worked really hard to make sure each presentation was interesting and fun!”


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